Elton John, Daniel Radcliffe, George Michael and John Barrowman are among the celebrities on this year's Pink List, UK daily Independent on Sunday's annual celebration of the gay and lesbian community.

Topping the list of 101 notable people is Elly Barnes, a music teacher who has stood up to fight homophobia.

“Since 2005, she has been running LGBT History Month at Stoke Newington School, north London, every February,” the paper wrote. “She says: 'I've had pupils say, 'Miss, are you trying to turn us gay?' and I ask them, 'Do you turn black during Black History Month or Turkish during Turkish month?'” Barnes 'came out' on Teachers' TV, and says: 'It's ignorance that causes homophobia – once educated, attitudes change. Sometimes it's a deep-rooted hatred which takes a long time to change. The best way is to show positive role models.' We think she is one.”

Twenty-three-year-old singer-songwriter Jessie J, who was listed at third on the list, has downplayed her bisexuality. “Whoopie doo, guys … get over it,” she says.

Also in the top ten are: Michael Salter, broadcast adviser to the prime minister, Clare Balding, broadcaster, Sue Perkins, comedian, Evan Davis, Radio 4 Today host, Antony Cotton, actor, Charlie Condou, actor, Scott Mills, tv host, and Heather Peace, singer.

Torchwood star John Barrowman is listed at number 15.

Singers George Michael and Elton John received a lifetime achievement awards.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, a strong supporter of the The Trevor Project, is recognized as a Non-LGBT Friend.