Bill Maher has said Republicans ditched Michele Bachmann for Herman Cain because GOPers are promiscuous.

The 55-year-old Maher is best known as the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher – now in its ninth season – and Religulous, his 2008 send up of religion in America. His latest book, The New New Rules, comes out next month.

Speaking with gay glossy The Advocate, Maher was asked why there wasn't more outrage over Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus Bachmann for “going around bragging about their Christian counseling clinics, which offer so-called reparative therapy?”

“I think because she fell off the radar as the candidate,” Maher responded. “She was the frontrunner. Now it's all about Herman Cain. It's so ironic. People say the gays are promiscuous. You know who is promiscuous? The Republican Party! They're fucking a new guy every week. I mean Trump and then Bachmann and then Perry, and now they're even experimenting with a black man.”

“I was rooting for her because I think Marcus would make a fantastic first lady, I do,” Maher added.