Rick Santorum has pledged to give up his life battling against gay marriage.

When CaffeinatedThoughts.com Editor Shane Vander Hart asked Santorum, “What are the hills you'll die on?” Santorum said there were “a lot of important things that hang in the balance in this country right now.”

“The battle we're engaged in right now is same-sex marriage, ultimately that is the very foundation of our country, the family, what the family structure is going to look like,” Santorum said. “I'll die on that hill.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Among candidates vying for the GOP nomination for president, the former senator from Pennsylvania is considered the most vociferous opponent of marriage equality.

Over the weekend, Santorum called a Saturday Night Live skit that poked fun at his anti-gay marriage views “bullying.”

In the comedy sketch, Santorum is seen cowering in a gay bar in San Francisco's Castro District sandwiched between men wearing tank tops and leather vests.

“We've been hammered by the left for my standing up for the traditional family and I will continue to do so,” Santorum said. “The Left, unfortunately, participates in bullying more than the Right does. They say that they're tolerant, and they're anything but tolerant of people who disagree with them and support traditional values.”

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