In a new It Gets Better video, Intel employees urge troubled gay teens to hang in there.

The It Gets Better Project encourages troubled LGBT teens to not cave in to bullies, because life eventually gets better.

“I suffered from severe depression and anxiety, panic attacks – life was pretty miserable,” says Phyllicia, a member of the Intel LGBT Employee Group (IGLOBE). “I spent time with several therapists sporadically exploring this until I finally made the decision that I should transition and come out. First time I put on a skirt, I whirled around the living room dancing, singing I Feel Pretty. It was obvious that this is what I should have been all along.”

“When I told my mother that I was a lesbian, she simply told me I hadn't met the right man,” Karen says. “I was like, 'okay.' I knew that wasn't the case, but … Now, I'm 43 years old and I have a wonderful family, a nice house, and a wonderful job, great friends, co-workers, and a very supportive family.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Intel is the latest high-tech company to create such a video, joining Dell, Google, Microsoft and Apple.