Singer Ricky Martin has defended coming out gay ahead of a concert in Nicaragua.

“Yes, I am a gay man, and I'm looking for my rights,” the 39-year-old Martin told reporters on Friday, Mexican news agency Notimex reported.

Although, “there are two or three people who are uncomfortable by my nature, I have no control over how they feel. I simply want to live in peace and continue singing,” he added.

Martin was discussing reports that an ecumenical group of religious leaders in Honduras had attempted to keep the singer from entering the country for his Sunday concert at the Choci Sosa stadium in Tegucigalpa. Officials last week announced that the concert will proceed but, citing the show's “erotic content,” children under 15 will not be allowed to attend.

Martin came out gay last year on his blog – writing that he was “a fortunate homosexual man” – and subsequently talked about his experience in his memoir Me. He lives with his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez and his twin sons Mateo and Valentino.

The singer also mentioned his non-profit group Ricky Martin Foundation.

“Unfortunately, there are children who are forced to enter the world of prostitution and pornography, and this happens everywhere around the world. And I've been working against that for eight or nine years,” Martin said.