Darren Criss hopes Glee romance with Chris Colfer can grow.

In the premiere episode of the show's third season, Criss' Blaine Anderson transfers out of the Dalton Academy to William McKinley High to be with his boyfriend Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer).

Criss tells UK glossy Teen Now that he believe his character has “daddy issues.”

“It would be interesting to explore Blaine's past,” Criss said. “He clearly has 'daddy' issues – he's envious of Kurt and his dad's relationship.”

He added that Blaine and Kurt's coupling works because it is as flawed as any other on the show.

“Like every other relationship on the show, it's presented as being ordinary rather than a case of, 'Here's an ideal we want you to get behind.'”

“People root for Blaine and Kurt as much as you'd root for Ross and Rachel on Friends; you like these people and you want to see them happy, and that's been really cool.”

“Before they got together, [show creator] Ryan [Murphy] said, 'If and when they do get together it'd be just as flawed and as delicate as any relationship.”

Criss added that he hopes the couple can “still grow together – just being a good, solid couple.”

Those alluded to flaws could be a nod to an upcoming storyline that has a new competitor entering the picture, which could spell trouble for the happy couple.