Gay rights foe Matt Barber has called Fox's Glee “radical homosexual promotion.”

Barber, the director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel, a Christian-based group opposed to gay rights, made his comments during Wednesday's episode of the group's Faith and Freedom radio program.

Liberty Counsel has filed a brief asking the Supreme Court to toughen decency standards on television.

The standards are important, Barber argued, because otherwise children would be indoctrinated into being gay through shows like Glee.

“I believe that this is by design,” Barber said, suggesting a conspiracy. “That there are those who … are using media, using television, using various forms of multimedia in order to effect social engineering and cultural change. And if … they can remove the barriers that we have had relative to morality and these things from the airwaves, we know that entire cultures can be changed and people are desensitized. We see programs like Glee – this radical homosexual promotion. It's nothing but pure indoctrination on television masquerading as entertainment. And we've seen that children are watching this in droves and it is having the effect of changing their viewpoints on all form of various sexually immoral behaviors.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)