The Supreme Court on Tuesday announced without comment that it would not hear the gay adoption case of Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, Courthouse News reported.

The decision means the end of the road for the gay couple's fight to be listed as parents on the Louisiana birth certificate of their adopted six-year-old son, identified in court documents only as “J.C.”

According to Louisiana law, only married couples may jointly adopt a child. Unmarried couples must choose a single-parent adoption. The law disproportionately affects gay and lesbian couples, who are banned from marring in Louisiana.

The boy's mother gave Adar and Smith custody of baby “J.C.,” who was born in Louisiana, and they adopted him in New York state while living in Connecticut in 2006.

Paul Smith, an attorney for the couple, argued that his clients were being treated differently based on their marital status.

The full 5th Circuit in April ruled against a lower court's finding that the state had violated the couple's constitutional rights under the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

The majority decision, now affirmed by the Supreme Court, says Louisiana law “attempts neither to encourage marriage nor to discourage behavior deemed immoral … but rather to ensure stable environments for adopted children.”