Ellen DeGeneres says she's the next Oprah Winfrey.

DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi appeared on the CBS magazine Sunday Morning.

De Rossi said her wife had helped her accept her sexual orientation.

“She seems to like the person that I really am,” De Rossi said. “So that kind of gave me the courage to think that maybe other people will, too. And that includes being gay and being very open about it and having had some struggles in the past.”

“I instantly adored her. But I was very closeted and very heavy,” De Rossi added.

When DeGeneres is asked what see saw in De Rossi, she joked: “A really fat girl. She was fat. I mean, that's the first thing I thought. I was like, 'Wow, she's fat! Lemme talk to her. Lemme see if she's a good personality.'”

On being a gay talk show host: “I don't think it's the first adjective people think about when they think about me. I think – you know, almost, my dancing has overtaken the gayness. I think it's gonna be dancing talk show host, you know, who's gay.”

And when asked, “Are you the next Oprah?” DeGeneres answered, “Yes.”