Darren Criss says Glee romance with Chris Colfer is rather ordinary.

In the premiere episode of the show's third season, Criss' Blaine Anderson transfers out of the Dalton Academy to William McKinley High to be with his boyfriend Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer).

In a cover interview with UK gay glossy Gay Times, Criss said people have embraced their television romance not because it's unique but because it's ordinary.

“Between somebody like Kurt and Blaine, the fact that they're together and the positive response that has come from that relationship isn't necessarily because of the fact that it's a young, gay, teen relationship, although of course that's there, that's undeniable,” Criss said. “I think people have just responded to these two characters that they like and treat it as a rather ordinary couple, heterosexual or otherwise.”

“It's really cool that there's a popular show that can embody that and really put a positive light on it and not make it the center of attention about being a gay relationship,” he added.

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