Sean Maher, who plays Sean on NBC's The Playboy Club, says he's feeling “fantastic” since coming out gay.

The 36-year-old Maher came out during an interview last week with Entertainment Weekly.

He told the entertainment glossy that he's been in a relationship with boyfriend Paul for nine years and the couple is raising two children, Sophia Rose, 4, and 14-month-old Liam Xavier. He added that after landing his first acting job in his early twenties he decided to hide his sexual orientation.

“I was young, I was 22. I didn't know anything. So that sort of started the idea of, okay, well, I'm working a lot, I guess I'll just keep that gay part of my life on the back burner nor now. I went so far as to sleep with women a couple of times. It was a very confusing time for me.”

Maher, who is best known for playing Simon Tam in the science fiction series Firefly and the follow up movie Serenity, said being closeted was “miserable.”

“I'm feeling fantastic!” Maher answered when gay male entertainment website asked about life after coming out.

“I'm still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. I expected a positive response, but I did not expect such a large scale of positive response, especially from the media and within the business, too.”

In The Playboy Club, which airs Mondays, Maher plays Sean, the husband of Bunny Alice (played by Leah Renee). But their marriage is for show and both characters are gay.