Pastor Tom Brown is leading an effort to oust three El Paso, Texas officials because they “want to reward fornicators, and they want to reward homosexuals.”

Brown, the leader of Word of Life Church, wants El Paso Mayor John Cook and two City Council members, Steve Ortega and Susie Byrd, ousted because they supported giving health insurance benefits to the unmarried domestic partners of city workers.

While Brown and his supporters have used anti-gay sentiment in their campaign, The New York Times reports that only 2 of the 19 city employees in domestic partnerships who received the benefit are gay.

The battle began in 2009, when the Council approved the benefit for the unmarried domestic partners of city employees. Opponents, led by Brown, forced a voter referendum, which was approved with 55 percent of the vote last November.

In June, the Council restored the insurance benefit. An outraged Brown countered with an effort to recall the mayor and two council members. (The terms of two other members who voted for the ordinance have already ended.)

The three officials are likely to face a recall vote in May.

“Homosexuality is being trumpeted as a moral activity,” Brown, who delivers a traveling ministry program called Homosexuality: Its Cause and Cure, told the paper. “How will they ever repent and turn to Christ?”