An Eva Longoria-related story has gotten Puerto Rico-based in trouble with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

In a post about Longoria's involvement with the CW reality show H8R, in which celebrities confront their detractors, associate editor Marcelo Baez wrote, “Eva Longoria confronts a bitchy queen who fags out on her and her supposed self-Mexican hate,” and referenced Longoria's detractor as a “dumb loca” (the feminine form of a crazy person). Longoria intends to shove a machete up her detractor's ass, Baez joked. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“Both 'fags' and 'loca' are defamatory and inappropriate. I know Guanabee has a lot of LGBT visitors and fans and I wonder why the site would choose to alienate them by allowing the use [of] this type of language. We'd like for Guanabee to remove the terms and also apologize to your many LGBT readers,” GLAAD wrote in an email to publisher Daniel Mauser.

In a post defending himself, Baez comes out bisexual – suggesting he's poking fun at himself – and insists anyone offended just doesn't relate.

“Do I find it offensive when other locas call me a 'loca'? No. Do I find it offensive when straight men call me a 'loca'? Tampoco [neither]. You know what, though? I'm aware that not everyone is a hard-boiled bitch like myself. To others, those word [sic] may be offensive and they're certainly entitled to feel offended. How come those words don't offend me?”

“Many of you, just like GLAAD did after we last responded to them, probably don't agree with me – and that's swell! Everyone should have an opinion about everything, right? So what do you think? Can you relate to us? Maybe you wanna compare my rants and GLAAD's to the ones of black culture and the "n" word? It's ridiculously similar! Try it,” he added.