Adam Pally, who plays gay on the ABC comedy Happy Endings, says hearing from gay fans inspired by his character is touching.

With Wednesday night's second season premiere of the sitcom, Pally talked about his average Joe character Max Blum in an interview with New York City gay glossy Next.

“I never really think about Max's sexuality when I play him because it's just who he is,” the openly straight Pally said. “He's a gay man and that's it. However, I also think the show has done a great job of showing something that's rarely been seen on television.”

Pally added that he enjoys hearing from gay fans who have been inspired to come out by his cuddlesome character.

“The most touching thing for me is I've received a couple of Facebook messages from people who tell me that Max is like them and he's given them a chance to come out. He shows that you can be who you are and it's okay,” the 29-year-old Pally said.