On Saturday's season premiere of the NBC comedy skit show Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin played an eager contestant on Who's On Top?

The game show asks three contestants to guess which of two male celebrities would be the one on top.

“As we all know, when two gay men have sex one person is the top and one is the bottom,” show host Vince Blake (played Bill Hader) says in explaining the game to contestants. “We'll show you two male celebrities who hypothetically could have sex. You decide who's on top.”

Paul (Alec Baldwin) was asked to decide between Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.

“The easy answer would be that Bruce is on top because he's the boss, but it can't be that simple. Physically speaking, Bruce is more muscular but Joel's a bulldog. Lets see, Billy Joel and Springsteen are both legends, but Bruce has always stayed humble and takes pride in a hard day's work, even if it ain't pretty. Billy Joel's on top!” Paul correctly answers.

During the game's lightning round, Paul also correctly answered that Oprah Winfrey would be on top in a hypothetical matchup between Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.