Gay rights foe Scott Lively has issued a wake up call to Christians.

Lively, who has argued that gay rights are dangerous and has admitted that he traveled to Uganda to give testimony in favor of an anti-gay measure which includes a death penalty provision for people who repeatedly engage in gay sex and those who are HIV-positive, recently vowed to tone down his anti-gay rhetoric and focus his Massachusetts-based ministry on helping the downtrodden.

Yet, it seems he couldn't just sit on the sidelines as gay people won the war against Christian civilization.

“We need to stand firmly and unapologetically on the hard truth that homosexuality is not a benign, morally neutral social phenomenon. It is an insidious and contagious form of sexual perversion condemned by God as an abomination. I cringe even writing these words because I know the wrath I am inviting on myself. Still, someone needs to say this boldly and publicly because it is the truth, and only the truth can set us free of the political correctness that has imprisoned us until now,” Lively wrote in an op-ed published on World Net Daily.

“The homosexual agenda represents an existential threat to Christian civilization and we're in the final phase of the war, losing badly. It all hinges upon you, Christian reader. Either get into the game in earnest, immediately, or wave goodbye,” he warned.

Blog Joe My God noted that Lively has ratcheted up his anti-gay rhetoric ahead of being “honored” for his “battle against homofascism” at an Illinois banquet next month sponsored by Americans for Truth About Homosexuality President Peter LaBarbera.