Chaz Bono and his Dancing with the Stars partner Lacey Schwimmer say they have been inspired by an overwhelming “positive response.”

Bono's appearance on the reality dancing competition had been criticized by social conservatives who argued that the show would leave children watching confused. Bono, the child of gay icon Cher and the late entertainer-politician Sonny Bono, is a transgender man.

During an appearance Wednesday on the CBS daytime talk show The Talk, Bono said he and Schwimmer paid little attention to their detractors, but were inspired by the support they received.

“Neither of us have paid attention to the critics. But the positive response we've gotten, because of what the critics started, has been so overwhelming that that's been really inspirational. I want to do a good job you know for all the people who are just being so supportive of us.”

Bono added that his mother was also a fan: “She was very supportive, but I think very surprised. Because I'm just not known as that performer guy in my family.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

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