Actor Brad Pitt says he doesn't get gay marriage bans.

The 45-year-old Pitt dropped in Thursday on NPR's interview show Fresh Air to pitch his Billy Beane biopic Moneyball, which opens nationwide Friday, September 23.

During the interview, host Terry Gross asked Pitt whether the lack of marriage equality throughout the United States was the reason for him not marrying partner Angelina Jolie.

“You've said that you and Angelina Jolie will not marry until it's legal for all Americans to marry. It's a statement of support of marriage equality. So, was that always your reason for not marrying? In other words, if gay marriage is made legal in the United States, does that mean you're going to marry tomorrow?” Gross asked.

“That's a fair question,” Pitt responded. “We're getting a lot of heat from the kids. I hope we can hold out. But I agree with the statement. I think … it's absolute out and out discrimination. I don't understand how you can dictate that, you can confine someone else that way. It's life, liberty and happiness. And that's the country we live in. And let's support that.”