According to several sources, an announcement from the Great Britain's Conservative Party backing gay marriage is imminent.

The Conservative Party is Britain's largest political party. It governs in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Prime Minister David Cameron is the party's leader.

According to Business Insider Europe, the announcement will likely occur at Saturday's Liberal Democrat conference.

Conservative Home Editor Tim Montgomorie on Friday tweeted to his nearly 16,000 followers: “Just in time for Lib Dem conference there are rumours around Westminster that Govt will, tmrw, announce plans to introduce same sex marriage.”

An hour later he added: “Further to last tweet good source has confirmed that Government WILL be announcing a commitment to same sex marriage. Probably imminently.”

Another tweet by Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman gave Cameron credit: “The Government is to legislate for gay marriage after a personal intervention by David Cameron.”

Cameron is a strong gay rights ally.

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Great Britain currently recognizes the unions of gay and lesbian couples with civil partnerships, which offer most of the legal protections of marriage.