Glee guest star Kristin Chenoweth has told CNN's Piers Morgan that she disagrees with Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on gay marriage.

The 43-year-old Tony and Emmy-winning Chenoweth is best known for playing Glinda in the Broadway production of Wicked. She also plays the recurring role of dropout April Rhodes on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, a role which has earned her an Emmy nomination.

In the fall, she'll play Carlene Cockburn on the ABC dramedy Good Christian Bitches.

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During an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Chenoweth, who was raised Southern Baptist, told host Morgan that “God doesn't make mistakes.”

“I am a Christian and I would call myself conservative in some ways and not so conservative in some ways. And I don't think that the gay issue is a political one, but I do think it's a civil rights issue. And I believe – as a woman, as a Christian, as an actor, as an artist – that people who love each other should be allowed to be married. And I know that doesn't go along with what Mrs. Bachmann says, everybody that proclaims that, but it is what I believe.”

The 4-foot-11-inch Chenoweth added: “If it was a sin to be short, what would I do? Well I'd be right on the hell bus. … I don't believe God makes mistakes, and that includes a person's sexuality.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)