Chely Wright has labeled passage of a gay marriage amendment in the North Carolina Legislature a “disgusting suckerpunch.”

On Tuesday, the Senate approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state and sent it to voters for their approval next May. Senators debated the measure for less than two hours. House lawmakers gave their approval on Monday. All together, lawmakers spent less than six hours debating the issue and blocked the public from commenting on the proposed legislation.

The 40-year-old Wright is among a handful of celebrities openly married to a person of the same gender. Wright and Lauren Blitzer married in Connecticut last month.

During an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC, Wright, who had just returned from North Carolina, told host Thomas Roberts that she had experienced an emotional couple of days.

“It's my opinion that this is a cynical, unnecessary political move to get out the conservative vote. And it's unfair. It's an unfair act being leveled against a lot of North Carolinians who are doing their best to just live their lives,” Wright said. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“This is a suckerpunch to the LGBT community,” she added. “And it's disgusting.”