Rhode Island State Rep. Dan Gordon has been ousted by the state's GOP caucus.

Gordon, who stirred up controversy in March when he condemned the formation of a gay-straight club at a local high school, is no longer allowed to attend the gatherings of fellow House GOP caucus members.

The Rhode Island House Republican caucus voted last week to expel Gordon, the East Bay reported.

House Minority Leader Brian Newberry cited multiple derogatory comments against fellow GOP colleagues as the reason behind the move.

“While it is of course not only acceptable but frankly encouraged to debate issues with the caucus, and I personally would never want the House Republicans to be accused of 'groupthink' or otherwise to be less than zealous in our representation of our constituents, many of the comments I have seen have crossed the line into personal invective and attack,” Newberry said in a statement.

Gordon dismissed the expulsion: “It's like being benched on a fantasy football team when I'm not on the roster.”

In the past, Gordon has criticized Newberry's support of gay marriage as “not a traditional Republican position.”

In March, the freshman lawmaker stirred up controversy when he suggested that the state cut off education aid to the City of Tiverton because its high school allowed the formation of a gay-straight alliance for students.

Gordon said he objected to what he called “sexual meet-up groups” where students get “sexed-up.” Later he denied allegations that he was anti-gay.

The comments of critics “border on lunacy, or they have a reading comprehension problem … I am not anti-gay,” Gordon said. “I think most taxpayers would agree, especially in my region, that they wouldn't want their tax dollars used to support a group that is sexually centered.”