The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) continues in its attempt to make today's special election for the Ninth Congressional District in New York about gay marriage.

NOM has recruited Rabbi Zachariah Wallerstein to record a message to Jewish voters condemning Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin's support for gay marriage and urging voters to endorse Republican Bob Turner in today's special election to replace former New York Rep. Anthony D. Weiner, who resigned in June as a result of a sexting scandal.

“Hello, I am Rabbi Wallerstein and I am calling to let you know that I am opposing David Weprin's campaign for Congress in the 9th district,” Wallerstein is heard saying in a NOM-sponsored robo-call. “David Weprin defied Jewish law and betrayed our values by voting for same-gender marriage in New York. Now he wants to be our representative in Congress? I say 'no' to David Weprin. David Weprin abandoned Jewish teaching in New York state; it's time for us to abandon David Weprin. Please, join me in voting for Bob Turner for Congress on September 13.”

Wallerstein told Vos iz Neias that he had “no political leanings whatsoever” but wanted to make a statement against marriage equality.

“[T]his election … is my chance to make my machaa [public statement] against the gay marriage bill,” Wallerstein said.

Wallerstein has previously claimed that gay sex is to blame for Hurricane Irene.

“Why do you have an earthquake? The retribution for the sin of homosexuality,” he said. “Earthquakes are caused by homosexuality.” (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“Just check out the route of the state that passed it,” he added. (It must be noted that Irene did most of her damage in states where gay marriage is not allowed.)

Polls indicate that Turner is leading in a district where more voters say marriage between members of the same gender should be illegal.

Neither candidate, however, believes the election hinges on social issues.

“This is simply a non-issue that some are using to distract from what really matters to voters in Brooklyn and Queens,” said Weprin Spokeswoman Elizabeth Kerr. “Turner's plans to cut Medicare and Social Security, end middle-class tax relief and protect loopholes that encourage companies to outsource jobs,” are the issues in the campaign.

“For Bob Turner, this race continues to be about the American economy, job-growth, and full support of U.S. allies like Israel,” Turner Spokesman Bill O'Reilly said. “Anything else is a distraction from that focus.”

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