Elton John, George Michael and David Cameron back a new UK-based gay rights groups launching on Tuesday.

The Kaleidoscope Diversity Trust will launch at an event hosted at the House of Commons.

Kaleidoscope's mission statement states it will work towards ending discrimination against LGBT people living in commonwealth countries, particularly those in Africa, UK gay news site Pink News reported.

British singers Elton John and George Michael are expected to attend Tuesday's event.

The organization also enjoys the support of lawmakers, including Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

Prime Minister David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, also backs the group.

“Our country has made real progress on LGB and T equality and, without forgetting how far we've still got to go domestically, it is right that we should now increasingly turn our attention toward bringing about change abroad.”

“In some countries, it's simply appalling how people can be treated – how their rights are trampled on and the prejudices, and even violence, they suffer. So I want Britain to be a global beacon for reform. That's why I am delighted to send my best wishes to Kaleidoscope, and wish them well in their work,” Cameron said in a statement.

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