Fred Karger, the only Republican presidential candidate who supports gay marriage, will air an ad on CNN during Monday's presidential debate.

Karger, who is openly gay, has been locked out of every major GOP debate so far, including tonight's debate in Tampa, Florida.

“I was hoping to be on that stage to talk about my ideas to turn this country around like my old boss Ronald Reagan did, but again I was not invited to join my fellow candidates for president to debate the issues,” Karger said.

But the gay marriage activist will air a 60-second ad in the Tampa area on CNN during the debate.

“So instead, we will be running our latest commercial, Tyrannosaurus Rex, where I take on the world's largest oil company Exxon Mobil and its CEO, Rex Tillerson during tonight's debate,” he added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“Big oil continues to gouge consumers at the pump, while reaping obscene profits. While I am a firm believer in business and the private sector, Exxon Mobil is damaging our economy and hurting American families. I want to help lead the fight to bring down gas prices, and I am starting in Tampa tonight.”