Gay activists protested an ex-gay conference on Saturday in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston.

About 70 members of Truth Wins Out were in the nation's fourth largest city to demonstrate against a Love Won Conference sponsored by Exodus International, which believes gay people can – and should – be “cured” of their sexuality. About 450 people attended the conference held at the Sugar Land Baptist Church.

Exodus President Alan Chambers told the Houston Chronicle that his group wasn't anti-gay.

“The fact of the matter, I was gay, the people who are leading these ministries were gay,” Chambers said. “We know what anti-gay felt like. That is something we could never be. And so for us, because of our faith and because of our beliefs and because of our experience, decided we wanted something different.”

Wayne Besen, executive director and founder of Truth Wins Out, countered: “They present it to be a miserable life that is either going to end in death or loneliness or unhappiness and that's not true. You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.”

In a blog post about the event, Besen said gay activist Dan Savages' It Get's Better Project flew a huge banner from an airplane that read, “You Can't Pray Away the Gay: It Gets Better.” (Video of the protest is embedded in the right panel of this page.)