Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, has donated $10,000 to fight a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in North Carolina.

Hughes, who is gay and a native of North Carolina, on Friday pledged to donate $10 to Equality North Carolina, the state's largest gay rights group, for each “like” the group received on its Facebook page, up to $10,000. The group hit the goal within hours of the announcement.

In January, Hughes, 28, announced that he and Sean Eldridge were engaged to marry. Eldridge, 25, is the President of the Telos Foundation and a senior adviser at Freedom to Marry, a nationwide group dedicated to the legalization of gay marriage. The couple was featured on the May cover of gay glossy The Advocate.

Hughes also penned an open letter to North Carolina lawmakers urging them to oppose the amendment.

“Companies like Facebook, Google and Apple are the future of our global economy,” Hughes wrote. “But the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment signals to these and other major employers, as well as their mobile, educated employees, that North Carolina does not welcome the diverse workforce that any state needs to compete in the international marketplace.”

Lawmakers return to Raleigh on Monday to debate whether to send the amendment to the ballot box in 2012.