Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum claims President Barack Obama “shattered” America's traditional values when he approved of passage of a gay marriage law in New York.

Santorum attacks the president on a number of fronts in a new ad titled The Only One released this week.

“We blinked. And the America we knew had changed,” a male announcer says in the ad's opening as the camera pans over images of a gathering storm and a pensive Obama.

The ad blames Obama for the economic downturn, high unemployment and health care reform, which are represented by images of sad kids, unemployment lines and a frightened elderly woman.

“Our traditional values shattered,” the announcer says as a bride walks down the aisle with the caption, “Obama praises New York on same-sex marriage.”

“Who possesses the courage and experience to save America?” the announcer rhetorically asks, then adds: “The answer is becoming increasingly clear.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

After New York legalized gay marriage in June, Obama called it a “good thing,” but he refused to give marriage equality his personal endorsement.

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