Actor Cheyenne Jackson on Monday accused Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann surrogates of dissing his weekend marriage to Monte Lapka.

On Saturday, the 36-year-old openly gay actor messaged the news of his nuptials to his more than 30,000 Twitter followers.

“It's official, after 11 years together, Zora's no longer a bastard,” he wrote, referring to his dog Zora. “Married the best man I've ever known.”

On Monday, he added: “Thx 4 the luv! MOSTLY from the charming Bachmann supporters RT @GodsWordIsLaw: @cheyennejackson Fyi, you'll never have a REAL marriage. #no4m”

Jackson was responding to a tweet from Minnesota-based GodsWordIsLaw, a tea party and Bachmann supporter: “@cheyennejackson A real marriage = 1 man, 1 woman, like its always been. Stop trying 2 change society to fit ur radical lifestyle choice.”

Jackson plays Dustin Goolsby, the musical coach of rival team Vocal Adrenaline, on the Fox musical-comedy Glee and Danny Baker on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He played 9/11 hero Mark Bingham in the 2006 Academy Award-nominated United 93. In his latest film, The Green, he plays the partner of a gay teacher accused of molesting a male student.