Conservative outlet Fox News has posted a pro-gay marriage op-ed challenging the National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) Brian Brown penned by journalist John Stossel.

Last month, Stossel challenged Brown, the president of NOM, during a segment on his program Stossel, which is broadcast on the Fox Business Network.

In Friday's op-ed, titled A Libertarian's View of Gay Marriage, he says he still doesn't understand Brown's arguments against gay marriage.

“If they redefine marriage to include gays, that doesn't diminish my marriage,” Stossel wrote. “And if kids are taught that gay marriage is OK, so what?”

On the program, Brown argued: “Deconstructing marriage is a very bad idea. We see the rising rates of divorce and unwed motherhood. There is a direct correlation. If you look at any social indicators – children raised without mothers and fathers – you see higher rates of incarceration, juvenile delinquency that cost the state money.”

“Sorry, but I still don't see what divorce and unwed motherhood have to do with gay marriage. It's mostly straight people who are doing the divorcing and unwed mothering,” Stossel wrote.

And to Brown's comment that the state “should support what is true and good and beautiful. And it's true and good and beautiful that marriage is the union of a man and a woman,” Stossel replied: “I definitely don't want the state to decide what is good and beautiful.”