Chris Barron, chairman of gay GOP group GOProud, has said he was joking when he said only gay men are part of the gay community.

After On Top Magazine posted an article about Barron's Friday appearance on Fox News' early morning talk show Red Eye, in which he mocked a viewer's question that included the inclusive term LGBT, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, the homocon leader took to Twitter to take a swipe at our story.

“Another humorless gay lefty publication that apparently has never watched #RedEye,” he messaged to his more than 3,000 followers.

During the show, Barron was called on to answer a question from a viewer.

“Will a gay Republican ever be truly accepted in the LGBT community? Will Bill?” the viewer messaged the show on Twitter, a reference to host Bill Schulz.

Barron complained, “Why do I get the gay question?” then added: “Yeah, I think a Republican will be accepted in the gay community. I don't know about the LGBTQI whatever community. I don't think Bill's ever going to be accepted.”

He later added: “They're adding letters to [it] I don't even understand anymore.”

For the record, On Top Magazine understands Red Eye is a satirical look at the day's news. However, it's not a rehearsed skit comedy show, and the comments of their guests are their own.