Countdown host Keith Olbermann nominated Phillip Hinkle for the show's Worst Persons segment on Thursday's show.

Hinkle is the Indiana state representative who has denied he's gay and has refused to step down amid allegations he proposed sex to an 18-year-old male in a downtown Indianapolis hotel room.

Kameryn Gibson told The Indianapolis Star that the 64-year-old lawmaker exposed himself and later offered to pay him and his sister $10,000 to keep the matter private.

The pair met after Hinkle responded to Gibson's ad looking for a “sugga daddy.” Hinkle has admitted to paying the teen $80, but insisted the pair only talked about baseball.

“Ordinarily, this would just be the kind of thing that needs to be met with some compassion and just the right amount of prosecution,” Olbermann said on the program. “Except that last month Representative Hinkle had voted for an amendment to the Indiana state constitution defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.”

“Well, he did say marriage,” Olbermann added.

However, the coveted title of Worst Person in the World went to Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, for asking fans to grade legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully.