Top Chef: Just Desserts judge Johnny Iuzzini is okay with naked photos from his gay fans.

Iuzzini, who has been named one of the 10 best pastry chefs in America by Pastry Art and Design magazine and is a James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year nominee, appears alongside judges Gail Simmons, Dannielle Kyrillos and Hubert Keller on cabler Bravo's all-dessert spinoff of Top Chef.

Gay male entertainment website spoke with Iuzzini and Simmons to find out how they felt about their gay fan base.

When the site asked how the judges had been made aware of their gay fans, Simmons answered: “We're on Bravo for God's sakes!”

“That's a good indication,” Iuzzini said. “Another good indication was I opened my emails and there were a lot of gay males who started sending me naked pictures on a regular basis.”

“I got one recently of a 60-year-old Italian man standing in his doorway fully naked,” he added.

“I don't know what to say most of the time. I'm like 'thanks for being a fan' and I try to respond to everyone that contacts me ...”

Iuzzini added that he's quite comfortable around gay people.

“I'm not embarrassed by it. I've been called metrosexual since I was in my teens. Even the boys from Most Eligible Dallas, they all thought I was gay. I also grew up working in the clubs, so I've been around drag queens. Most of my friends were gay for a long period of my life, so for me I embrace the culture.”

And he added another example: “I got an email yesterday … a guy sent me a picture and said, 'I'd love to suck the cream out of your cannoli.'”

Top Chef: Just Desserts season 2 premiered on Wednesday, August 24.