Openly gay Washington State Senator Ed Murray says he's considering sponsoring a gay marriage bill in 2012.

In remarks Wednesday with National Public Radio (NPR), Murray said recent passage of a marriage equality law in New York had renewed momentum in Washington. He added that he and State Representative Jamie Pedersen, who is also openly gay, are talking with stakeholders about the possibility.

Murray told the outlet that the measure faces opposition in the Senate.

“We're probably several votes short in the Senate.” he said.

Murray and Pedersen have previously sponsored bills shoring up the state's domestic partnership law. The latest expansion approved in 2009 gives gay and lesbian couples all the rights and responsibilities of marriage.

Opponents of the law took the issue to the people, who agreed with lawmakers.

Currently, a Washington law approved in 1998 defines marriage as a heterosexual union. The law's constitutionality was upheld by the Washington Supreme Court in 2006.

Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire signed the original 2006 domestic partnership law and its three expansions. She is expected to seek a third term next year.