Jerry Buell, Teacher of the Year at Mount Dora High School in South Florida, has said he won't apologize for Facebook comments he made against passage of a gay marriage law in New York.

Buell, a social studies teacher, wrote on his Facebook profile that he “almost threw up” when he learned about the law's approval, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

In the July 25 post, Buell called such unions a sin and added that gay marriages were part of a “cesspool.”

“If they want to call it a union, go ahead. But don't insult a man and woman's marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool as sames-sex whatever,” Buell wrote.

The Lake County School Board has suspended Buell from the classroom pending an internal investigation. The district has said it does not consider social networks private.

Buell told Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG that he has no plans to apologize for his remarks.

“I'm exercizing my rights, First Amendment rights, guaranteed in the Constitution, supported by the state of Florida … on Facebook,” Buell said.

When asked if he believed a gay student would feel comfortable coming to him for advise, Buell answered: “Yes. Give me a chance.”

But moments later during the videotaped interview, he added: “Do I apologize? No.”

A Facebook page in support of Buell has attracted nearly 3,000 friends as of Tuesday.