Move over Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson, there might be a full marriage equality candidate in the GOP race for president: Former New York Governor George Pataki.

According to The New York Daily News, Pataki is close to formally declaring his bid for the White House.

While former Utah Governor Huntsman's and former New Mexico Governor Johnson's support for civil unions for gay and lesbian couples leave them out of sync with their competitors who mostly oppose gay marriage and support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union, Pataki supports full marriage for gay couples.

The only other GOP candidate who supports marriage is Fred Karger, an openly gay former political strategist turned gay marriage activist.

David Catalfano, a Pataki spokesman, told the paper that the former governor “continues to give it serious consideration.”

But the paper noted that New York Republicans haven't exactly embraced the idea: “[G]iven Pataki's record in New York – from expanding Medicaid to his generous dealings with municipal unions – the reaction of the Albany Republican establishment was 'huh?'”

“Among a lot of New York Republicans the general sense is that it doesn't make sense,” an unnamed GOP official said.