Country music singer Chely Wright has said the United Service Organizations (USO) stopped inviting her to participate in overseas tours to entertain the troops since she came out gay.

Wright, who married her girlfriend, LGBT rights activist Lauren Blitzer, on Saturday in Connecticut, announced she's a lesbian last year in her memoir Like Me, becoming the first mainstream country star to come out gay.

In an interview with, Wright said the USO has overlooked her since coming out.

“I began touring for the Military in the mid-90s at the beginning of my career, going overseas to parts of Europe, Japan, different parts of Asia, and when the action in the Middle East began, I was actually the first artist to go play in Iraq in 2003. The first artist of any genre to play in Iraq and Afghanistan after the fall of Saddam Hussein, and I’m really proud of that fact. I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan six or seven times, but since my coming out, I have not been invited back,” Wright said.

“I've done hundreds of shows overseas for the troops, and I would venture to guess in country music, nobody has done more shows for the troops than me, and I have not been invited back.”

“If the guys and gals who have the boots on the ground or in the air overseas were asked, I think they'd have me back. It's the old school mentality of the upper brass I think that are held back by the old ideology, that's my belief,” she added.