Actress Heather Matarazzo and recording artist Caroline Murphy say they are considering a spring wedding. Matarazzo is best known for playing Dawn Weiner in Welcome to the Dollhouse and opposite Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries and its follow up The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

The couple first announced in 2008 they were engaged to be married in California, but passage of the state's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, nixed their plans.

With New York becoming the sixth state to legalize gay marriage, the women decided it was time to wed.

Matarazzo and Murphy discussed their possible spring wedding during an interview on Matty P's Radio Happy Hour.

Murphy said that she knew she had met her future wife the moment she first met Matarazzo.

Here's how Murphy described proposing to Matarazzo.

β€œShe came to my house for Christmas – I'm from Texas – and so she came down to Texas to meet my family and all that. And I had secretly wrapped an engagement ring in a present and saved it for the last present. And my family went and hid in the next room. And she opened the present. And when she said yeah, and I got down on one knee and did the whole thing, and she said yes, and I clicked something on my phone that alerted my family that it all went well. And they came out singing Here Comes the Bride. It was very wonderful and romantic.” (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)