Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday was cut short from delivering a speech on marriage in Madrid, Spain by a freak storm that delivered strong winds and sheets of rain, the AFP reported.

As many as 1.5 million pilgrims gathered to hear the Holy Father speak at the airbase of Cuantro Vientos as he wrapped up a 4-day tour.

While the Pope was unable to deliver his complete comments, the speech was published by the Vatican.

“The Lord calls many people to marriage, in which a man and a woman, in becoming one flesh, find fulfillment in a profound life of communion,” he said.

He described marriage as a project of true love marked by “complete self-giving.”

“For this reason, to acknowledge the beauty and goodness of marriage is to realize that only a setting of fidelity and indissolubility, along with an openness to God's gift of life, is adequate to the grandeur and dignity of marital love.”

In 2005, Spain's Socialist government led by Prime Minister Jose Zapatero legalized marriage between members of the same sex. The Catholic Church has called for the government's ouster. Last year, the Pope said such marriages lead to confusion of society's values.

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