Jerry Buell, Teacher of the Year at Mount Dora High School in South Florida, has been suspended for Facebook comments he made against passage of a gay marriage law in New York.

Buell, a social studies teacher, wrote on his Facebook profile that he “almost threw up” when he learned about the law's approval, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

In the July 25 post, Buell called such unions a sin and added that gay marriages were part of a “cesspool.”

The Lake County School Board has suspended Buell from the classroom pending an internal investigation.

“It wasn't out of hatred,” Buell told the paper. “It was about the way I interpret things.”

“I've had kids that I've known that have been homosexuals,” he added. “They know that I don't hate them. I love them.”

Schoolteachers in districts across Florida have been warned not to consider social networks private.

“Social media is a minefield,” said Chris Patton, communications officer for Lake County Schools. “People think they're free to say what they want to, but in some aspects it can come back to haunt you.”

A Facebook page in support of Buell has attracted 226 friends as of Thursday.