Country music singer Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer to marry on Saturday in Connecticut.

“And so begins the fun,” Wright tweeted to her more than 20,000 followers on Monday. “Friends and family are driving/flying in from all over for our special day! @lulublitzer and I feel lucky!”

“We're having a little party in four days,” she messaged the following day.

The women announced in April that they'll marry on Saturday, August 20 in Connecticut, one of six states where gay marriage is legal. (The women live in New York, but at the time of their announcement the state had yet to legalize such unions.)

“It's been a really exciting time,” Wright told E! Online. “We fit so well. And the best part is that our families go so beautifully together.”

Wright met her future wife through her work as a board member of Faith in America, a non-profit that counters “the bigotry, prejudice and hostility toward the LGBT community being sold to the public for several decades under the guise of religious belief and religious teaching.” Blitzer is the group's development director.

“We want a family,” Wright added. “The benefit of being out is I get to have everything that everyone else has.”

Wright also said the two women will wear Jose Dias-designed white gowns for their big day.

Last year, Wright, 40, told People magazine that she's a lesbian. She went on to describe her life as a closeted celebrity in her memoir Like Me.

Wish Me Away, a film documenting her coming out gay experience, premiered in April at the Nashville Film Festival. Wright has said that her decision to come out hurt her career.

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