Singer Adam Lambert was honored by Equality California (EQCA), the state's largest gay rights group, at its annual Equality Awards fundraiser on Saturday at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

“Not only is Adam an incredible talent and out-and-proud entertainer but he is [also] an outstanding and highly visible advocate for our community whose courage is an inspiration to young people to be bold and brave and to stand up against hatred,” singer Sam Sparro said in presenting Lambert with the group's Equality Idol Award.

“Over the past couple of years since American Idol I've recognized my responsibility as a gay man in the public eye and that's something that I'm really thankful for,” Lambert said in accepting the award. “As a teenager growing up, when I was struggling with my own identity, I didn't have have anybody. I didn't have anybody to really look up to, except maybe like Will & Grace, you know.”

“And to recognize the opportunity to be somebody that was comfortable being a fucking weird fag. Hello,” he said raising his hand. “And I own that phrase, I am, I'm weird, I love it.”

“And to have somebody be like that in the public eye and to be proud of who they are, I realized that this was my chance to be that for other people. So, thank you guys very much for recognizing me, I appreciate it, and I'm going to keep being that weird fucking fag,” he added.

Before comedian Kathy Griffin presented social networking site Facebook with the group's Equality Advocate Award, she came down into the audience and coaxed Lambert, who was seated next to his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, into singing a duet of Mad World with her. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)