The marriage of a transgender woman on Fidel Castro's birthday has created controversy.

The Saturday wedding of Wendy Iriepa and gay rights activist Ignacio Estrada has been labeled the island-nation's first gay wedding in a country where such unions are illegal, the AFP reported.

Iriepa, 37, transitioned from her former male identity, Alexis, to become Wendy. Her sex change operation was performed at the center founded by Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuba President Raul Castro.

“It's wonderful,” Iriepa said. “It will be the first 'gay' wedding in Cuba. I don't want this to be seen as a political act. Even if it's a gift from Fidel, I'm not worried about what the government thinks.”

The pair met at the Cenesex center where Iriepa had her procedure, and they were living together a week later.

“I always said I was gay,” Estrada, 32, said. “But with Wendy, it's totally different. Today, I don't know what I am – all I know is that I am in love with a woman.”

“He's gay, but he's a man. He has a penis and he makes me happy. I had a penis, which I used a lot when I was selling myself on the streets. Now, if I need to resort to sex toys for him, I will do it,” Iriepa added.