Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is in agreement with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on the issue of gay marriage.

Cuccinelli, a strident social conservative, told Richmond NBC affiliate News 12 that he supports states' rights to legalize gay marriage, but believes a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a heterosexual union is needed.

“Just leave it to each state,” Cuccinelli said. “If it's a gray area, the federal government should not do it.”

“The only amendment I would expect to see to the constitution would be a nationwide protection of traditional marriage and restricting marriage to one man and one woman,” he added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Republican presidential candidates Perry and Bachmann have echoed similar sentiments in responding to New York becoming the sixth state to adopt such a law.

“Our friends in New York six weeks ago passed a statute that said marriage can be between two people of the same sex. And you know what? That's New York, and that's their business, and that's fine with me,” Perry said.

Bachmann took a similar approach, saying states have the right to decide the issue, but adding that a federal amendment would trump state law.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum chided Perry for his position, and is expected to attack him again on the issue during Thursday's presidential debate in Iowa.

“So Gov Perry, if a state wanted to allow polygamy or if they chose to deny heterosexuals the right to marry, would that be OK too?” Santorum messaged on Twitter with the hashtag #tcot, which stands for “top conservatives on Twitter.”

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