Openly gay Fred Karger has told the Los Angeles Times that the suicide of his gay uncle continues to haunt him.

Karger is profiled by the Times in a story published on Wednesday.

The piece's overarching narrative is that Karger's run for the White House as a Republican is a joke.

“Karger is gay, a fact he kept hidden for most of his 61 years and his entire professional life, and if it sounds like some kind of a joke (a gay Jewish Republican walks into a precinct …) or strains credulity (a gay Jewish Republican president?), Karger laughs right along. But he's not kidding,” the paper wrote.

The suggestion here might be that Karger is unfit for office because he's gay or Jewish or both. And the suggestion doesn't even come with a defense. (Just because he's the first, doesn't automatically mean it's unfathomable. There was a time in our history when women had yet to serve in Congress or we had yet to elect a Black man as president.)

Later in the piece, Karger says the suicide of his gay uncle at the age of 42 influenced him tremendously. Karger, who was 21 when his Uncle Buddy killed himself, shares the story on the campaign trail, saying it drove him into the closet for most of his adult life.

Karger acknowledges that he's not going to win the GOP nomination. Instead, his campaign is about raising awareness about issues important to the gay community. As the founder of Californians Against Hate, the group that held businesses and civic leaders accountable for financially supporting Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban, he's well informed on the subject.