New York City's Ali Forney Center will take over a building with a $620,000 award from the city council, gay glossy The Advocate reported.

The award will allow the organization to take over a 20-bed emergency shelter in Brooklyn. The nonprofit group Turning Point previously used the building to shelter homeless and runaway LGBT youths. The Ali Forney Center was given the award to take over the building after Turning Point failed to comply with the city's licensing requirements. The transfer of the shelter from Turning Point to the Ali Forney Center means that the number of beds for homeless gay teens in the city will neither increase nor decrease.

“We are grateful to have the additional shelter beds,” Carl Siciliano, the group's executive director, told The Advocate. “It is a terrible thing to see so many LGBT youth forced to survive out in the streets while they wait for beds.”

Siciliano added that he hopes to have the new shelter on line by October.

The additional beds will boost the Ali Forney Center's capacity to 77, leaving more than 100 young LGBT people on its waiting list.

“Support has really eroded in a time when there are more kids than ever,” Sicialiano said. “There's this gross lack of capacity right now. So many kids are being affected by the recession.”

The center received nationwide attention in June when comedian Tracy Morgan agreed to meet with several of the young people living at the center as part of his tour to apologize for an anti-gay routine he delivered several weeks earlier in Nashville.