Don Lemon says he needs to be extra careful when interviewing Rick Santorum.

Lemon came out gay during a May interview with The New York Times, becoming the third high-profile openly gay news personality behind MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow. He talks about his experience as a gay man working in television news in his 264-page memoir Transparent.

During a July appearance at Outwrite bookstore in Atlanta, Lemon said an interview with presidential candidate Santorum, who is best known for his anti-gay rhetoric, can become a “lightning rod.”

“The thing about interviewing people like Rick Santorum now … I know that it's going to be a lightning rod. Because as an out gay journalist I know that people are going to pick up on that headline. I can say, 'It's so good to see you Mr. Santorum,' and somebody will write Don Lemon gay anchor is friends with Rick Santorum. So you can't really win, right?”

Lemon was referring to a recent interview in which Santorum said he loved his gay friends.

“I knew some people were going to pick on it as Don Lemon goes after Rick Santorum. Well I didn't really go after him. I didn't ask him the question any differently that I would have asked him a month ago before I came out.”

“Rick is interesting to say the least,” he added.

Lemon also briefly mentioned his boyfriend Ben Tinker, whose flight from New York had been delayed. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)