President Barack Obama on Thursday signed a proclamation banning violators of human rights, including LGBT rights, entry into the United States.

Obama's proclamation bans any persons who have participated in serious human rights violations abroad, including human right violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, from entering the nation.

Immigrant and non-immigrant aliens who “planned, ordered, assisted, aided and abetted, committed or otherwise participated in, including through command responsibility, widespread or systematic violence against any civilian population based in whole or in part on race; color; descent; sex; disability; membership in an indigenous group; language; religion; political opinion; national origin; ethnicity; membership in a particular social group; birth; or sexual orientation or gender identity, or who attempted or conspired to do so” are suspended from entry into the United States.

The measure gives the Secretary of State broad discretion in implementing the proclamation. That is, the secretary could allow such an individual to enter the country if the “entry of such person would be in the interest of the United States.”