CNN anchor Don Lemon says being gay doesn't necessarily mean having gay friends, but adds that he has some “really gay” friends.

Lemon came out gay during a May interview with The New York Times, becoming the third high-profile openly gay news personality behind MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow. He talks about his experience as a gay man working in television news in his 264-page memoir Transparent.

The 45-year-old anchor has said the response to his announcement has been “99.9 percent” positive.

“I'm lighter and freer,” he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It makes me better on air. I'm not trying to hide anything.”

On Wednesday morning, Lemon took questions from Reddit users (or Redditors), including one from a self-identified closeted young gay person who said he or she found it hard to relate to gay people and asked Lemon for advice.

“That's a really good personal question,” he wrote back to Appo123. “Know that you're not alone. Come out of the closet when you feel comfortable and safe. But know that it's never an easy thing to do at first. Then when you do it you'll wonder why you hadn't sooner. Here's the thing, you don't have to relate or like anyone just because they're gay. You should relate to or like them because they're a good person or you have something in common. You don't have to hang out or befriend gay people just because you're gay. I have a bunch of straight friends and some really gay ones too. It's all good.”

“Don't be so hard on yourself. It all works itself out. Good luck,” he added.