Singer Adam Lambert says he questioned whether he had made a mistake by being too openly gay.

Speculation over Lambert's sexuality reached a fever pitch as he competed to win season 8 of Fox's American Idol.

In an upcoming VH1 Behind the Music special to be broadcast on Sunday, Lambert discusses the hype.

“The article was speculating whether or not I was gay or not, and whether or not America would vote for a gay idol,” Lambert said, referring to an Entertainment Weekly cover story published as the contest between himself and Kris Allen was coming to a close.

“I remember reading it going, 'Why does it matter? But I guess it does.'”

The hour-long VH1 special goes on to cover Lambert's coming out gay on the cover of Rolling Stone.

In remarks to Us Magazine, the 29-year-old Lambert talks about the trepidation he felt after coming out.

“It has caused controversy and at first I got nervous,” he said. “This is a tricky career path, especially since most musicians aren't as open as I am. At first I thought, did I go too far? Was this a mistake? I realized I have to trust my gut and be myself. I can't please everyone.”

Lambert was also asked whether he and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were planning to marry.

“I don't see myself getting married in the future,” Lambert said.